Professional Russian to English Song Translations

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My name is Olya. I am a Russian-born American who translates my favorite Russian songs for fun. My translations are unique because they keep the meaning, rhythm, and rhyme of the original. That means that you can use them with any Russian karaoke/sheet music. You can find a YouTube link to the original version of each song below the song name. Some of the English translations on this song also have a karaoke version recorded by me, so you can hear how it sounds. I will add new songs monthly. 


If you have any questions/comments or would like your favorite song translated, please email me at First song translations are free!


If you would like to repost a translation on your site/use it anywhere, you are welcome to. :) Please just email me and let me know where it is! Enjoy!

Recently Added Songs

EVERYTHING ELSE: Zveri- Buildings-alleys


EVERYTHING ELSE- Lina Milovich- Like a fool she smiles and melts in your arms

SONGS FROM SOVIET FILMS- I went to the ash tree

RETRO/FOLK SONGS- Folk song- Katyusha

RETRO/FOLK SONGS- Andrey Mironov- Let's talk

EVERYTHING ELSE!- Danko- Your baby

RETRO/FOLK SONGS- Mark Bernes: Barges of Mullets

RETRO/FOLK SONGS- Lyube: River river take me please!

RUSSIAN ROCK- Garik Sukachev: Olga