Professional Russian to English Song Translations

Songs by MakSim

Don't you know? (Знаешь ли ты?)


I've gotten used to living just by you, yes, just by you

Every sunset picturing you wake up with you-know-who

I've gotten used to breathing in the open air

And telling her again and again



Don't you know?

Through the roads of rain,

I walked barefoot, not afraid of pain

His heart is now in your hands

Please don't lose it or break it,

So you don't have to hold through the roads and floods

The ashes of love, breaking your feet to blood

His pulse is now in your eyes

Please don't lose him or break him!


In January, let the cold rain pour down his windowsill!

With someone else in his embrace, let him remember me still!

And let him accidently say my name out loud

And then not say that he still remembers...

Outside the window, the downpour fades all the streetlights

My dearest boy, I know I trembled, I appologize.

Now, through my tears, I whisper an inaudible, "Not yet!"

Please don't forget, please don't forget!





My Paradise (Мой Рай)


I guess it's my paradise

Just looking for his reflection

In objects of black color,

And in my voice, hearing May.

I guess it's my paradise

Under the lights of the window,

The sky seems so close

When in my eyes, paradise...


I guess it's good that he doesn't know of a girl like me

That in my mind, vanilla snowflakes float so easily

And,under my bare feet, there are blizzards and ice

I guess it just took too long for me to realize.

I'm not afraid to go and scream out that this is love

His words, just for a moment, set fire to my blood

I keep repeating to myself that everything's well,

But I know that I still need him, need him still.


I guess it's my paradise

Just going picking up flowers,

Making bouquets for hours,

And lying that they're from you.

But if it wasn't for you,

I wouldn't meet the sunrise

On this cold planet

Where bridges break, you've no clue...





Will Not Give (Не Отдам)

You're holding his hand,

Do you know how, in one second, you automatically can lose your best friend?

Now, I feel no pain

I am losing you

I do not know you.

Never will forgive you!



Your eyes search for my despair?

It's gone; I don't care.

And the fact that you love him?

Yeah, I'm aware.

You don't see it on my lips?

Well, learn to read eyes:

I will never give him to you, realize!

Used to split our sky in half,

But now my heart's ash

How could I have known you would stray down my path?

You're still staring at my eyes?

Well, learn to read lips:

Him to you I will never give!


Fingers violently trembling

Heart beating off tact

I swear, that you, he will be happy to forget

When I smile, and gaze into his eyes, and say

"I'm yours", and on the last breath, turn away.




I will learn to fly (Научусь Летать) 


He carries wings in his backpack,

He dreams and cries about somebody,

And on the picture on my nightstand,

In a short coat, he's still alive.

He seeks the one who won't forgive,

Who won't betray, who won't let go.

Does she exist? I do not know.

But I keep promising once more.



I will learn to fly with you to the sky

Where the stars, until the sunrise,

Whisper about love all of the time.

Where, of course, I will see him,

Will break down, and then won't notice,

That his lips are kissing hands that are not mine.


So I forgot to say hello

When I saw him with someone else

Well, see, today I am no worse

Look: this lipstick, these heels, this dress.

With him I do not need to talk

No need to recollect our love

I'm princess of this carnival

Just 'cause I promised you once more



Tears Again (Сново Слезы)


There is something in between us left unsaid

I'm afraid that that something will be sad

You are silent as I gaze into your eyes.

Out the window the wind whispers, "Rain is near."

I don't know how it could have found us here!

On your face another teardrop starts to dry.



Once again, the stubborn rain spills tears

It will now no longer keep us warm

Will remind me of the ones you spilled

But I don't trust the storm.

You and I, we'll leave this place of dreams,

The rain chases us down the roads

Doesn't think that what we have is real, but I'll believe your words.


I cannot and I will not be losing you,

Terrified that you'll be leaving me too soon,

And about this fear to you I want to scream.

Only the rain weeps, it melts out the window,

Will not let us stay a moment together.

You will leave, and I'll wake up; it's all a dream.




Stranger (Чужой)


Forgive me for everything.

For being so blind.

For there being the moon

And not the sun in the sky.

Because your gaze and voice

Are very dear to me.

Because you keep saying,

"I am not yours, baby."



My loved one's a stranger

I'll be a slave of yours.

Let me blink by as a night shadow.

In your dreams, I want to show.

Your gaze and your voice

Have left me, not by choice.

God hears my prayer

But an echo answers, "Stranger."


Please whisper in the silence

That you need me by your side,

How dear is every step

That I've matched with your stride.

How I long to wake up

In your carressing embrace!

And watch as the sun's rays

Play games on your lips and face.




Solo (Одиночка)


I use locks to shut down the sky

I draw, blow, and spit into the ceiling, tell you why

'Cause there's too little love

Of him, I've had enough

So anyways on this night, oh

I'm going solo


Come on up...

Take a bit...

Take a bit...

Take a bit...

Come on up...

Take a bit...


Up till the dawn there's just the sky and there's water

And I'm alone till the dawn, the rest doesn't matter

All of this siddly-saddly-see

Let it go up my pu-oops!

Forget about that,

I think I'll smoke a cigarette.

Cause there's too little love,

Of him, I've had enough

So anyways, on this night, oh,

I'm going solo


Take a bit and keep.




On the Radio Waves (На Радиоволнах) 


I will never ever forget

I will hush a simple phrase.

With the color that's on my lips,

With a palm's wave that's swift and light,

With red, I will kiss

A path of 'goodbye'.

I will draw the rain and wind.

Let them say that they do not exist,

Eyes that are as gray.

In my white poems,

There are never enough words for "farewell".



And only on the radio waves,

So many stars are in your hands!

All of your games were just a show,

You don't deserve my phrases at all.

The leaves, they burnt off just like that,

You're now my foe, never a friend.

And only, down my cheek, a chill.

'Cause you do not deserve my tears.


"I will never ever forget".

Useless words thrown into the chilled air.

Cuddling in the warm days,

For them, she'd give it all away.

Even though she hates the cold and rain.



Blues (Блюз) 

Go play and sing your rock and roll

And I will wait for you

When you decide to hit the floor,

Know, I will wait for you

It is so light and pretty here,

The gulls peck at the windowsill,

Simple and funny, anyway,

I'll wait in the subway.



The sky is close, just look up!

One pulse for two on rooftops,

Bread cut in half, the haircuts

In fashion so long ago...

Reknown the taste of iris,

Songs of your favorite artist,

Brave, just like in movies,

These battles over love!


Consider me a piece of ice,

Exploring, melting me

Just think that you have lost your mind

I'm strange, I am unique

To put stitches onto my soul,

I'll wait at the bottom of the Earth.

I'm just like you, you're just like me

Look around, can't you see?



I Let Go (Отпускаю)

I simply cannot breathe

I don't see the sky

I cannot understand,

Were you in my life?

Wind through my hair,

The sun in my hands,

I'm yours...

Red clouds gaze from above

The wind, it hits my spine,

With you, I am so light,

I'm beautiful tonight.

Crazily in my chest

Beats my pounding heart.



I let go, and to the sky flies away with the yellow leaves

Our last summertime with those silly telephone messages

I let go, and the the tears on my lashes, they begin to dry,

But how could all those blue stars be a dream for you and I?


Too early to just be,

Too late to still believe,

I could not treasure them

I could not measure clearly

Moons out the window,

The suns in dawns spent with you.

So now as I descend,

As I soar to the sky,

I cannot understand,

Were you in my life?

In faces of night roads,

You'll always stay here with me.



 Love (Любовь) 

Cold of ice, the winter snow,

Belong to you.

For summer dreams, spring silhouettes

I have no use.

So what of me?

What remains is the autumn and my love,

With a shield on her heart in a cage by the window



She is alone and without you

I don't need her at all

At all. And without you I don't need her at all

She is my love. My love.

She is alone, my love. My love.


All day she looks through the glass

As the birds pass

The night and the stars all shine

Through her lashes

And what of me?

I will keep her in a pretty cage by the window

You know without you, I don't need her at all





Hey there, It's me! (Это же я)


Hey there, it's me.

I know I've changed, well, it has been so many years

Got tired of waiting, but I waited for you still

I see your nervous, icy gaze

It's a facade, I'm not dismayed...

Hey there, it's me.


So, how is she?

Yes, I was told that you now have a family

You want to know? I'm not alone, why would I be?

It would be easy to forget

No, I can't murder you just yet.

Hey there, it's me.



Meetings with me are forbidden

I am that girl, unforgiven

Hugging me, kissing, and counting my freckles

How can I not beg you

To stay?


Against the rules,

Saying goodbye, and, seconds later, "How are you?"

And that little girl in the photo looks like you.

It's all a game, but can't you see?

All you've been fighting for is me!

Hey there, it's me.




So please stay here as fire

Fall as rain from the sky

For a second, an entire life, please stay.




Sky-Airplanes (Небо-Самолеты) 


We divided up this sky into airplanes, and we left each other some lights

But I'm feeling that our flight was unended, and it's mixing up my days and my nights.

So, I lose myself in cold underpasses, I drink coffee, I stare at the clock

Know, without you this turned-over sky's endless. The same sky where we burnt bridges till dark.



I need time. Too early to be stronger.

Our flights to the sky are so strange to draw.

Remember, trust me! I won't be your wound.

But I hope that you will think back to our love.


And I fearfully continue returning to those walls and the pounding of doors

Understanding that, inevitably, I'm becoming just a little bit yours.

Know, I'm drawing on torn magazine pages. And I'm keeping the bed warm in the night.

Know, without you I think I'm going crazy. Only April knows the state of my mind.




Live On (Живи)


Within a world of snow

Embraces become light

And only it can know

How close we are tonight.

But ice has come to cover

Your garden's sun.

I warm it with my mouth,

Live on! Live on!



Not for us: faces, glimmers

Not for us, the capital shivers

All the jazz, rhymes and notes

Don't know who you are

All I know is home


So take all of my wishes

Burn bridges, have no fear

I'm giving you my conscience

Because you call me "dear".

And save from gentle lilies

Your thorns, your thorns.

Touching them with your lips,

Live on, live on!