Professional Russian to English Song Translations

Natalia Podolskaya songs


Too late (Поздно) 


In this city, there is no more light

Loneliness has quickly become my

Best friend. Now there is no need

To play such a complicated role.


Now, the sorrow's gone. The pain, managable.

And the thunderstorm has ended long ago.

A lone bird in the sky leaves its mark, it is like

My answer to you is once again confirmed



Too late! It is too late!

Now, my soul's ignited, it won't freeze

Burning everything, it hurries

To forever leave you in the past

And, maybe,

You will become my greatest loss

But, please know, tomorrow, like right now

I will not regret anything.

I will not regret...


I want to forgive, long to understand.

How I long! But I am tired of hurt feelings.

Better for my memories at night to torment me

And pound at my heart in waves of grief.





Firebird (Жар-Птица)


You'll close the door as you walk out

And it is only now

That I won't hold my tears back anymore

The day that took you off

Did not erase our love

I did not have to be a caged bird for long


Only a pearl in my palm

Will remind me of your love

Now you have become a stranger in my world.

At night, in your dreams, you'll learn

That it's impossible to return

In your mind, I've always been a firebird.


Behind a stream of bright phrases

It's easy to conceal

The misery that's throbbing in my soul.

So I lift off and so I soar

From the sky, I will call

"I will not be a caged bird anymore!"