Professional Russian to English Song Translations

Songs by Tutsi

My Most (Самый, самый)


Do you know that you talk in your sleep?

Strangest things I hear you say...

In my mind, a carousel spins

But you return when you go away

Seems that somebody calls you

To try out a new role

Seems like they cannot hold you

That means I'm the best of all.



My most, my most, my most, my most precious person

My most gentle, you're my dearest.

Our most, our most, our most confusing love

You came up with it yourself.


So the sky is dark this morning,

Crying tears instead of rain.

What time is it? Well, I have to leave

Too bad it's not Saturday.

If you want to, here, have a smoke

Buy yourself something with tea.

Just a few hours without love

Remember, I'll miss you greatly.




Slowly floating by, all the floors

Legs again pull me back home.

"So, how long have we been together?"

I hear through the telephone.

Even with a million eyes,

Yours I'll always recognize.

Even with a million words,

I'll underline, "I miss, I love".




My most gentle...


Bitter Chocolate (Горький Шоколад) 



Bitter chocolate, sweet tea

This is how it all comes out to be.

So, whose fault is it?

Answer me.

Bitter chocolate, chocolate, choco, choco, choco...


I'm calling you all the time,

Called you many times

And every time you deny,

Me, you deny.

Too many words have been said

I won't speak more till I'm fed

I'll go to the kitchen and drink...




So I call you and scream that I want to see

You, and I rush to the phone every time that it rings

And if I don't speak on cue,

In answer, I'll hear your words:

"I want to be with you!"




There is a call on the phone, A call on the phone

The answering machine's on. It is on.

Our conversation records. It will record.

And I'll find out why you need me.

When the night turns into dawn, will turn into dawn

You will be crying and the rain will fall

It will record all the words of our love

Our love. Our love.




Bitter chocolate, chocolate. Sweet tea.