Professional Russian to English Song Translations


Sorry For The Love (Прости за любовь) 


Please listen, you were right.

There's no pain, can't you see?

My heart without your love beats easily.

Please listen, I walked out.

Please hear out what occured.

The silence will tell me that I loved.


CHORUS (2x):

Well, you were my heart, sorry for the love,

I'm cold!

Please listen to me, I simply loved!


All the time without you

All the time cures my heart,

I cast a farewell glance as I depart.

With you I'll leave for warmth

Upon your roof, a light.

You didn't hear me go. I left at night.







Grapes (Виноград) 


I am walking down the street, the crowd frowns disapprovingly,

No player and no fan, I'm all alone.

The street is uneven, and I'm not shy, not even

A bride, and not a wife, and not a mom.

I am walking down the street, and the street is kissing

A nearby bridge, and I don't understand.

Why, on that bridge, there is a pale and nervously green gentleman

Who obviously wants to jump, and then...oh!



If this is a bad time, sir, please forgive me!

But see, I'm not familiar with this city.

So couldn't you please save me and please take me

To the place where they're selling, selling grapes?


We are walking down the street, the people around are frowning

At the way that you're kissing, kissing me.

And I am getting shivers from your very giant t-shirt,

How awesome, Moscow bonds our destinies!

As day turns to night, skyscrapers shine their lights,

And all the circles join and become one.

Within, something is born, what is it? I don't know,

It doesn't matter, something has begun!





If, In Your Heart, There Lives Love (Если в Сердце Живет Любовь) 


The days fly by, all the oceans have dried up, and all the years begin to flow.

And you're alone, all the tears and all the wounds have made a home within your soul.


CHORUS (2x):
But, do not look, do not look now from side to side,

Need to stay just the way you are, dear, you need to just be yourself

The whole world, it illuminates in your eyes

If, in your heart, there lives love!


You've re-watched all those movies about love, but life is full of fairy tales.

Do not rush, dreams will soothe you from above, with some time, all goes away.